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Guitar Envy Custom Guitar Straps

Our straps are made from recycled seat belt webbing.  They are incredibly comfortable and great for the environment.
This webbing is fashioned from polyester seat belt webbing and is low stretch.
It also has a low absorption rate, a non-porous fiber and a high strength.

We then sew your choice of custom colors onto the belt, giving you a lot of options in creating your custom strap.
Then choose your design colors, whether it’s your design or your idea that we help bring to life, our colorful and durable vinyl colors are yours to create with. 
And with our ultra-durable heat press vinyl, your design will last.

The first color is included in the price of the strap.  Any additional colors are $3.99 per color.

to design and price your strap now, CLICK HERE

We are using vinyl since we are creating one of-a-kind straps.  If your graphic elements have very small and
numerous parts, we may be limited as to what the finished product looks like.

We strive towards customer satisfaction at all time.  So, if we need to make any adjustments to your design
in order to make it, we will contact you via email before we create your strap.
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